Wednesday, May 21, 2014

March/April 2014

We have a wee playgroup in our ward that mostly just meets at the building until the weather picks up and then we head out to different parks in Newberg.  Well, we thought it would be nice to switch things up a little and take the children to the visitor's center up by the Portland Temple a couple of months back.  We forewarned the missionaries up there that we would be coming, which I think they greatly appreciated.  They had brought in extra Sisters to speak to the kids and had a few wee short films ready to show us too.  It was really lovely and all the wee ones seemed to really enjoy chatting to the missionaries and exploring to their hearts content.  It was a pouring day, but we managed to find a sheltered picnic area and park where we ate lunch before heading to a wee frozen yogurt place nearby.  

Jack and Peter were sitting with their good friends, Henry and Charlotte Platt.  And the wee girls were sitting with Caleb Yates and his cousin, Samantha.
Just felt the need to document more of our crazy bag lady! Hilarious wee Olive.  She has a total of 5 bags in the pic here on the right.  It's true what my friend, Sherri, says, I do kinda want to keep buying her bags and purses just to watch her carrying them all around.  It's just so hilarious to watch her.
There was a day Jack came home from school and he was really upset.  His best friend had left to a new school earlier that week (which I think had heightened his emotions) and the school is having a 'million minute challenge' that they had been giving out awards for.  Jack had been trying so hard to read as much as possible each week to earn a prize, but since they only chose one child from each class to win he fell short and wasn't it.  I'm sure there were many kids that had been upset by this, but Jack being a sensitive wee soul had carried the heart break of it with him all day long.  When he got home he was in tears.  It broke my heart to see him so sad and know that he'd been upset all day.  Well, Jack loves to dress up and so, we all got into our different costumes and played hard for the rest of the afternoon to cheer Jack up.  He chose to be a singing cowboy and we loved listening to him play on his Dad's ukulele.  He's a really special wee boy.

I've just finished teaching art classes from my home and I hope to start doing some more again during the summer holidays.  I ran it once a week, for six weeks and had six wee kids coming along to it. Course, then I had my own four here too, so ten in all.  It was busy, but fun. I've learned a lot from the experience and hopefully the next time I do it I will enjoy it even more as I work out all of the wee kinks to make it run as smoothly as possible.  The boys and the wee girls helped me prep for the classes each week.  We made demo pieces to show the kids and I think Jack and Peter really loved knowing what we were going to do before the rest of the kids.

Ryan's sister, Callie, is having her baby boy up here in the Newberg Providence Hospital.  She's due in July and so her visits for appointments are getting more frequent.  It's been fun having Miss Zoe over more often to play; these cousins of hers really love having her around.  I really love being an auntie too. I feel sad that I don't get to be much of an aunt to my gorgeous nieces and nephews overseas.  It kinda kills me actually.

We used to spend a lot of time in our local library when I just had the two boys.  When the wee girls came along it we took a fairly long hiatus from going. We went quite often last year, but as soon as the new children's section was completed this year, we've been hooked on going again.  The girls could spend hours flipping through books, playing with the puzzles, and exploring away with the fab new wall piece.

As the weather has begun to pick up we've been darting out to enjoy the sun at every opportunity we can get.  Whether it's washing Dad's car, playing on their bikes and scooters, or spending long hours at parks with picnics, we have been loving it and can't wait until summer is officially here.

We took a day trip out to the children's museum with the rest of Portland in April.  It was packed as it was a holiday day off for the schools. I'm not sure what I was thinking, haha.  It was fine though, hard to keep an eye on all four of the kids myself, but we all managed to get in and out without losing anyone.

March is when the U.K celebrates Mother's Day, and although I don't celebrate then, I still managed to have a really lovely Sunday with my wee lovelies.
It's not too often I'm on the other side of the camera, but I'm happy to have some pics of me with these wee darlings for memories sake.

Peter took a wee music class from a lady in the 2nd ward with some of his wee buddies.  He really enjoyed trying out some interesting and unique instruments from different countries.  While Peter was inside, the wee girls and I would hang out in the lady's nice garden.  They were always quite the riot pretending to be wee explorers and loving the gorgeous flowers she has.

Easter was lovely this year.  The children got thoroughly drenched at the Jaquith Easter egg hunt. The boys enjoyed it in spite of the rain, but not so much the wee girls.  They both wanted me to lift them throughout most of it and I just can't do that for very long periods of time anymore! Ha.  So on our return to the house I stripped them all down to their undies and they sat cozy on the couch watching a movie for a while and warming up.  They absolutely loved it.

We did a wee 'self-timer' photo shoot on the Sunday afternoon following church.  It was so hysterical trying to get all the wee ones to focus on the camera as I darted back and forth about a bazillion times from the camera to the couch for the pic.  I think this one was our best pic and it's not really all that great...I hate how I look in it, but oh well.
The wee ones loved running around the house on Sunday morning searching for their baskets the bunny left.  It brought back great memories of Easter mornings in my house as a kid with my siblings.  We never had baskets, but we always had to search for our one big Easter egg. 

I put together these cute wee animals as part of our Easter decor.  They took a wee bit of time, but they just look gorgeous.  On Easter Monday we went out in the garden for family night and rolled our eggs down the wee hill on the side of the house.  It had started to pour cats and dogs by the time we got outside, but the boys thought the eggs were going faster because of the rain. Ha.

The boys loved the wee kit I had picked up after Easter last year.  It was a brill wee pirate set and I was actually able to get another wee set at 70% off to save for next year.  Our ward and the 2nd ward put on a Passover activity.  Ryan was helping with it and we were able to get a sitter so that we could go enjoy the evening together.  A gentleman from the other ward who grew up Jewish conducted the Passover service.  It was really interesting, we loved trying the unique food and it was great company too.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

February 2014

At the beginning of February a group of ladies from my ward decided to go roller skating.  I loved that all of them, bar one who goes weekly, told me that they were terrible at it and since they hadn't done it in 20+ years they'd be falling on their bottoms!  Well, every single one of them lied!  The second they got there they were whizzing around doing fancy moves and skating backwards...I was in shock and kinda devastated that I was the only one that couldn't skate.  I mean I had one pair of skates when I was quite young, but I just went down the bumpy wee path by my house once in a while, so I really had no experience. Anyway, thankfully I am a cautious soul and moved like a snail around the edge until I got the hang of it, so I never did fall! Victory and I laughed at myself until my cheeks ached.
The boys have just finished their third round of swimming lessons.  I'm really pleased with how comfortable they are in the water now, how well they like all the teachers they have had, and that they want to keep going!  So we will power on with the lessons until they are good wee swimmers.
I'm kinda into holiday decorating, well at least for the ones I like.  So we had lots of lovely wee bits and bobs around the house for Valentine's Day, the wee ones loved it.
Jack was excited to make some valentines for his class mates and, of course, loved receiving 25 cards in return.  What a heart breaker! ...but actually they make you bring enough for everyone.

 I have lovely memories of my mum making each of us the most beautiful Valentine's Day cards that we would wake up to on the morning of, along with really yummy chocolate.  I'm trying to do the same for my wee ones, and hopefully it will mean as much to them as they grow.
Ryan and I went out for a really nice dinner at Tina's in Dundee; a wee town next to Newberg.  I'd heard great things about the food from some friends and it did not disappoint.  It wasn't quite as good as our fanciest dinner to present at 'The Painted Lady', but it was still really delicious.  I'll be heading there again soon.
 Penelope is really into looking through old pictures, especially ones of Jack and Peter as babies and Ryan and I as young love birds/newlyweds.  She's been the sort to carry around little "treasures" since she was a  wee 9 month old, so these little photo books have become her newest treasure.  Hopefully she'll love looking back at this blog when she's older too.
 I've shown a couple pics of Olive with all her many bags on Instagram before.  But I need to document it on here too.  She piles her favourite books, toys, and even food into these backpacks and tote bags and drags them around the house with her everywhere.  In this particular pic she only has 3, but I've seen her with as many as 6!  Absolute nutter I tell you! 

Here's the girls playing their "baby game".  Olive is always the one pushing since Penelope is too much of a weakling to even budge Olive! Ha.
  I love these wee dresses my sister in-law, Margaret, made for the girls.  When I won the Pegbuddies giveaway I thought it would be a nice idea to have the wee girl pegs in the dresses.  Now we'll always remember how bloomin' cute they looked in them.

I've been on a wee winning streak lately.  But I think it's come to an end now unfortunately.  After I won the pegs of us, I won a brill t-shirt with an artist's illustration on it and then I won these fab letterpress prints!  I am really thrilled with them, as I'd been eyeing them for a while on the company's website.  Nice to not have to buy them!

Bath time 'crazy hair'!  And I'm amazed how dirty these lovelies get...well really only just Olive, but Penelope insists on going in too.  Sometimes 2 baths a day are needed for that girl.
The weather is picking up around here and we've spent a great deal of time at the library lately, which then leads us to the park behind it.  It's funny watching all their wee faces really light up when they are outside with the sun shining.  And mine does too, I seriously can't wait for summer!
 Callie and Zoe came over to visit a couple of weeks ago.  Callie is expecting her second child, a wee boy, that they are going to call Wyatt James.  Zoe is baby crazy like my girls and it was very sweet watching them carry around their dolls and care for them as they played together.  The girls still take one nap most days and usually I send Peter in to wake them up.  He's really good about waking them up gently and not going in screaming at them.  Sometimes he gets in bed along side one of them and starts reading them a book and just has a wee chat for a while until they fully wake up.  Best big brother award.